Race Report - 2015 Portuguese National Championship

The fifth and last round of the 2015 Portuguese National Championship take place in the past July 26th at Torres Novas (Euro Track), this is the most setup and skills demanding tracks of the Portuguese Nationals with a lot of technical curves and chicanes, were the asphalt is very smooth and every centimeter is important to get the best possible time lap.

The day appears very sunny with very high air and track temperatures (around the 34deg and 54 deg on the track).
Since the beginning of the qualifications all the drivers was fighting for one place one the A main grid, pushing hard to get the maximum performance form their cars and applying all their skills.
I the first and second qualifies José Figueiredo (TOP DRIVER) insured is 4th place on the grid and use the remain 3rd and 4rd qualifies only for testing some different setups in is SABRE S4 (with the increasing of the temperature the times sold not be improved so that was the strategic for the Qualifications).

In the extreme heat of the early afternoon we run the first A man Final and after one very fast start of the grid José Figueiredo wasn’t capable to avoid the 2ndplace of the grid driver that spins out, and have one major crash putting José Figueiredo out of this first Final A.

The 2nd and 3rd round of the Final A had finally started without incidents and José Figueiredo manage the 3rd and 2nd places respectively, and at the end the 3rdplace of this final he gets the last place of the podium (3rd place overall).

Carlos Costa (TOP Portuguese Driver) have also pushed hard on the qualifications and inshore the 5th place of the A main.
In the finals Carlos Costa demonstrated one very good pace but he suffered several crashes and with iqual points with the 6th and 7th places drives can only get the 8th places.

Both drivers was using Solaris Formula C that worked perfectly with the Solaris controlled tire.

In the end of the Portuguese championship and after a lot of bad luck, José Figueiredo gets the 3rd and Carlos Costa 7th.

José Figueiredo have also get the title of Champion for the veterans category.