Report for the Nationals - TQ and 2nd place (José)


The first round of the 2015 Portuguese National Championship take place in the past April 14th at Maiorca (Figueira da Foz), this is one of the most demanding tracks of the Portuguese Nationals with a lot of speed and fast chicanes, were the asphalt is very hard for the tires and usually the driving mistakes are very easy to appear, with one very high price.
In this first round all the drivers had the opportunity to know the new SOLARIS tire, as the control tires for this year.
The day appears very sunny with air temperatures; around the 22deg and great atmosphere between the drivers in the pits..
Since the beginning of the day and for the 3 first Qualifications José Figueiredo (TOP DRIVER) have settle the fastest time and inshore the TQ for. Carlos Costa and Rui D’Almeida (Both TOP DRIVER’s) inshore the 5th and 9th places on the grid.
In the Finals everyone was fighting hard for each lap and after one small mistake of Jose Figueiredo in the Leg 1 and Leg 2 the 2nd place driver pass and doesn’t leave any space for passing so José Figueiredo was relegated for the 2nd place overall and wining the last Led.
Carlos Costa had progressed a lot during the Final’s and the last Leg he finishes 2nd place just behind José Figueiredo with one very fast and consistent run.
Rui D’Almeida wasn’t definitively on is best days and had a lot of problems and touches that relegate I’m to the 9th place over all.
All the 3 TOP drivers used Solaris Formula C Tire Addictive.