Report of the Portuguese CUP (20/09/2015)

In the last 20th of September take place the Portuguese CUP (one single race every year).
It was the first time ever that the Travessas track was used on the Electric Turing Car official calendar and for that reason I had never saw or race there before.
This track have one very demanding layout because of is very fast and combined corners and long straits with some low pronounced corner on those straits, this track provides different trajectory’s but always at very high speed.
Simply amazing to drive and to see.

The day started very sunny and the air and track temperature gets 28º and 33º degrees respectively.
Since the beginning of the day I was fighting to get the best ratio that can provide the best acceleration and top speed, my Sabre S4 was very easy to drive and very precise on the cornering.
In the first Qualify it was very easy to see that the local drivers were in advantage because of their knowledge about their home track.
I was only starting to get know the layout and making the fine tuning of the setup of my Sabre S4 in order to get their lap times.
In the Second Qualify I was already making the same lap times then the best local drivers and the next Qualifying sessions I was only making fine tuning on the setup in order to get the best place on the grid.
After the Qualifying sessions I manage to start on the in the 2nd place of the A main grid.

In the First Final I the top 3 drivers was very close and the 3rd place driver crash in to me and make me lose the 2nd place. At that time I was only capable to get the 3rd place.
In the Second Final I was decided to start faster and attack the First place man, and that was just what happen until we start to lapping the slowest drivers that cuts me a lot of time and I was not capable to get the speed of the first driver, an finished in 2nd.
In the Third and last Final I do exactly the same as the second one; but this time the first place driver make one mistake and I finally finish in the 1stplace.
I the end I get the 2nd place with the certain that next time I will run faster.

The other Portuguese TOP driver Carlos Costa had made very fast Qualif. and manage to start on the 4th place of the grid.
Carlos was the driver that could benefit with fact that the 3rd place driver crash in to me and get the 2nd place on the first final he always ruing very fast and closing to the 1st place driver, but finished in 2nd.
In the next final’s he had to fight a lot every corner with the 3rd and 5th place drivers and that cost him some precious second.
In the end Carlos Costa finished in 4th place overall and let the feeling that next time he will be even faster with is Sabre S4.

The controlled tire was Solaris S-T35SSS3W (1/10Touring Tire Set SP35), and reveled very consistent.
José Figueiredo was using Solaris Formula A and Carlos Costa was using Solaris Formula C.